Applications and Advantages of Series 7 Chairs

Designed in 1955 by Arne Jacobsen, series 7 chair continues to grace several occasions in the contemporary society. The chair is made from moulded sliced veneers laminated with a four-legged metallic base.

In the UK, you can get series 7 chair from reliable suppliers that sell either online or offline. The most important thing to do in your selection is to engage a supplier that cannot disappoint you in terms of quality of products. Many users think of only a few options for application when they buy the seven series design. However, the chair can be used in a number of applications other than just one area.

The following are some of the areas in which you can use the series 7 chair.

·         Dining: either in commercial or residential purposes, you can buy series 7 chairs to fit this purpose. However, it is advisable to find a reliable supplier with quality products that can last. Hotels, restaurants, and residential dining rooms all utilize the design for its awesome quality and flexibility.

·         Parties: if you want host many guests at a graduation or birthday party, series 7 chairs can provide adequate seating since they are strong and are not affected by weather elements. Whether you place them inside or outside, you can rest assured that your guests are seated comfortably in stable chairs, to ensure maximum concentration.

·         Religious functions: large religious gatherings utilize the chairs to seat visitors during such functions. The same applies to corporate events and other public and private functions where you may require many people seated.

In addition to flexibility in application, series 7 chairs have their own advantages over other types of chairs. If you want Tolix stool in silver or vintage Barcelona chair, you can get it from a reliable supplier in the UK. Here are some of the advantages of buying such chairs:

·         They are stackable: with series 7 chairs, storage issues are minimized because of their ability to stack. A few stacks can give you up to hundreds of chairs.

·         They are light in weight: as much as they are stackable, the chairs are not bulky. They are light in weight, which means it is easy to move around with them especially in events where guests have to switch sitting positions.

·         Variety of designs: you can have the chairs in vintage design or in contemporary design according to your preferences. You can have them with armrests, with padded seat parts or in rolling design.

·         They are available in different finishes: you can have the chairs in the color of your choice and the finish you prefer. Whatever your choice, it is advisable to source your seats from a reliable supplier with professional designers to give you seats that meet your expectations.

As in any other product, shopping for series seven chairs can be troublesome, especially if you have little knowledge about them. However, with the points above, you can know why the chairs remain popular in the market even several years after they were invented. For a reliable supplier of series 7 chairs, vintage Barcelona chairs, or Tolix stools, visit Metro Furniture.

The Main Advantages of Using Magento Ecommerce

Choosing the best ecommerce web design platform is always the key to success in online business. When you want to build a Leicester ecommerce portal, one of the main decisions that you will have to make is the type of the ecommerce tool that you will use for your portal. It ought to be quite robust in order to deliver the best functionality and experience for your customers.

When it comes to the ecommerce website development, one of the most used and most reliable platforms on which many online shopfronts are built is Magento. Magento ecommerce websites are quite robust and one of the best ways to get a picture regarding its suitability for ecommerce website development is by learning about some of its advantages. So here are some of the benefits that you can derive by choosing this as the web design platform for your online stores:

It is highly versatile

The content management system comes with many customizations and features that can enhance users’ online experience when shopping in your ecommerce store. You will be able to create and also customize product and service offering on an ecommerce store within the shortest time possible. Manipulating the contents of the shopping cart on the platform is relatively easy with its super-intuitive WYSIWIG editor.

Mobile Friendly

The configuration of the CMS platform is also very mobile-friendly. Modern design is also responsive and provides for very uniform rendering of the Magento platform across multiple devices with diverse screen resolutions. There is currently a consumer shopping trend where more users are deploying their mobile devices such as the smartphones in order to search for and shop for products. So a mobile-friendly design is requisite and Magento offers these to online retailers.

Advanced SEO

When you build using this CMS platform, you can look forward to a constant flow of traffic into your website. The platform has built with good SEO-friendliness and efficiency that will ensure your website is easy to optimize and rank in the SERPs. With this platform, your products have a better chance of making it to the very top of the Google, Bing or yahoo search results. It also offers you plenty of features that will allow you to make some custom SEO implementations.

It is very robust

One of the biggest advantages is its raw power or robustness. With this ecommerce web design platform, it will be possible for you to add up to 500,000 products on your ecommerce portal. This is quite massive and incredible support for high-end ecommerce applications. Additionally, it is possible to process up to 80,000 orders per hour with this versatile platform.

Built-in upsells

Upselling is one of the more desirable features of any ecommerce platform and is one of the best ways of boosting your secondary sales as you sell the main product. The ecommerce platform is built with robust but intuitive upselling features on the checkout as well as the product pages.

Good third party integration features

The content management system is easy to integrate with many other online services and resources such as PayPal, Quickbooks, eBay and many more.

Good security features

The platform is built with great and well customized security permissions that allow you to build very safe and well protected ecommerce websites. You can contract professional Leicester Website Design services in order to help you deploy the most robust Magento ecommerce to power your online business into the future.


Attributes That Make Up A Good Manly Hotel

It’s always a thrill to live in a foreign environment, with its warm people, unique cuisine and interesting culture. The task of finding suitable accommodations is not so thrilling, even for the most experienced of travelers. If you ever find yourself in need of quality Sydney hotels Manly is a great place to start. The area is filled with hotels, inns, motels and lodges that the task of narrowing it down to the perfect hotel may seem daunting.

The Art of Elimination

Manly Lodge – When searching for Manly hotels, it always helps to follow a systematic approach. The most effective and hassle-free method is to list down hotels that have potential and whittle down the list through the process of elimination. Below are some attributes hotels in Manly should possess. Read through them and cross out any contenders that don’t make the cut.

  • Affordable – This is obvious, but cost is also the factor that people misunderstand the most. Finding the cheapest hotels Manly has to offer has less to do with the upfront cost of the room and more to do with what you get for that price. For example, a room might be cheap, but it’s not considered affordable if all you get is a barely furnished room with a bad view. Don’t care too much about the price – a more expensive room might be more affordable, if it comes with a lot of benefits like free breakfast, a stocked bar, amenities and a great view.
  • Convenient – How far is your hotel from the subway or airport? Is it near retail shops, groceries or malls? How far is it from the places you want to visit on your vacation? Some travelers make the mistake of booking a hotel that’s secluded and out-of-the-way because they’re cheaper. The money you thought you saved is actually wasted on transportation costs like taxi fare.
  • Variety – No matter how well-planned your trip is, some things are just out of your control. This is why it’s important that your hotel is flexible and offers a variety of services geared for different types of people. Imagine being in a seaside hotel with a restaurant that only serves fish and seafood, two things you are allergic to. Find a hotel that offers choices in terms of accommodation, views, facilities, food and other important services.
  • Safe – The best hotels Manly has to offer know how to keep their guests feels safe. However, everyone’s definition of security is different. Some people are okay with the usual lock-and-key system, while others think the key-card system is safer. While vacations are the best time for relaxing, you shouldn’t let your guard down. Make sure your hotel has safety cameras, working fire exits, and staff that won’t disclose your information to people posing as friends and relatives.

If you want to find hotels Manly is a great place to start. The entire process of choosing the perfect hotel room might seem tedious, especially for someone who just wants to relax and enjoy. However, you won’t be enjoying your vacation as much if your hotel is giving you problems even before you unpack. For more details visit us at

What To Consider When Selecting a Serviced Apartment on Sukhumvit

Sukhumvit is one of the high-end areas within the city of Bangkok. With a rich history and top notch facilities, Sukhumvit has become one of the best tourist destination and accommodation centers. For any tourist visiting Bangkok, considering Sukhumvit serviced apartments is one of the best options. There are numerous hotels, top class restaurants and serviced apartment on Sukhumvit. Listed below are some of the reasons to highly consider the serviced apartments on Sukhumvit.

Transport means and accessibility.

Considering the accessibility of any serviced apartment on Sukhumvit is a vital measure. The area is connected via Phanja Thai through an airport in Survanabhuni. It is also an area with a large access of the BTS skytrain from both the east and west directions. The BTS sky train passes through Sukhumvit, which offers all clients an easy access to the available housing apartments.  Sukhumvit also has accessibility via multiple road networks.  Settling for a serviced apartment near either of these modes of transport makes a guest’s time easy as no escort services are provided in most facilities.

Ideal location

The Sukhumvit serviced apartments are located within the area which is highly rich in history and tourist attraction sites. This offers guests double services as they can access accommodation services as well as site seeing at their own convenience. This is one of the reasons why guests prefer to stay in the serviced apartments within the region.

Easy and fast shopping

Most of the serviced apartments on Sukhumvit are in highly developed regions. Due to this, guests are able to access quick and easy shopping facilities. This is because many of the service apartments offer an all-under one roof experience to clients, where shopping facilities are in the same vicinity as the serviced apartments. Consider booking a service apartment with an easy access to such facilities, as Bangkok is a highly crowded region.

Foods and entertainment

The Sukhumvit area provides the best foods with diversity of culture between the Thai cuisines as well as the Japanese ones. For guests using serviced apartments in the area but are not able to do their own cooking, it is easy to access multiple choices of foods in the restaurants. See more at HTTP://RESIDENCE.AETASHOTELS.COM/, It is also easy to access entertainment joins as there are multiple joints within the serviced apartment facilities or around the Sukhumvit region.


You need to consider price effectiveness when choosing a serviced apartment on Sukhumvit. It is highly important to note that the Sukhumvit region is one of the fastest developing regions within Bangkok. It is important to have a comparison of prices before settling for any of the serviced apartments. The price and rates enquiries can be made online before actual booking. Also, some of the serviced apartments provide discounted prices to clients, which vary depending on the duration of stay. If one is touring with a family/group or for a period more than a month, it is advised to consider the rental serviced apartments as they are more price friendly.

Trip purpose

One should take into consideration the aim of their trip. Sukhumvit offers a wide variety of serviced apartments with business and office friendly facilities, family vacation serviced apartments as well as other customized friendly services.

The Advantages of Using a VPN Service Provider

Want to surf the internet in an easier and safer way? It is time to sign up for a VPN service. There are several benefits that you can get by hitching up on virtual private networks when it comes to your online security needs.

VPN Service

VPN Service

Virtual private networks offer you highly-encrypted tunnels when browsing the internet. These tunnels act as “buffers” between you and the internet, helping you surf securely and anonymously. The level of tunnel protection when you are online depends on the VPN service’s quality and the kind of infrastructure it deploys.

However, signing up for a VPN protection service is not enough. Ensure that you have signed up for the right service with the right technological background. Doing this will assure maximum protection when you are online.

When choosing a virtual private network service provider, it is important to ensure that it is secured. Go for no-log VPN networks, which does not login your IP addresses or browsing data. These will make your online browsing experience totally anonymous, assuring you of security.

Here are some of the advantages that you can derive when investing in virtual private network services:

Get an add-on security layer.

When connecting to the internet via a reliable VPN tunnel, all your data is encrypted – making it safe from prying eyes or someone who would want to do you harm. The VPN adds an extra security layer.

Get network anonymity.

The best VPN services allow you to browse sites across the web with complete anonymity. Virtual private networks are also deemed even more secure than proxies and other IP-hiding applications. They guarantee you 100% anonymity when accessing websites.

Bypass web filters.

Worried about internet censorship or your IP address being blocked from accessing websites in certain countries? VPN tunnels enable you to bypass all these restrictions and access web content wherever and however you like it.

Change your IP address.

Worried about someone tracking your IP addresses online? With a VPN service provider, you can make your IPs completely untraceable. Virtual private network service providers will even give you the IP address of a particular country, allowing you unfettered access to lots of information and services in that country.

Improve your network performance and QoS.

Depending on which VPN service you choose – a virtual private network might increase your download speed at times, as well as reduce latency during network access.

Work remotely.

With the best US VPN service, you can now work remotely anywhere without worrying about the security and the integrity of your data. You can easily log-in to your work from cafes or airports and get some useful work done. If you are a business traveler, you will significantly improve your productivity when you order VPN service for work-related applications.

Internet privacy is one of the most critical issues in our increasingly-interconnected world. If you are doing sensitive things such as work or money transactions online, it is therefore important to ensure that you are well-protected by a reliable VPN service. Visit them online at HTTPS://BOXPN.COM/.

The Importance of Email Lists For Your Business

If you think that email marketing is dead, think again. Email marketing remains as one of the top means for business owners to turn contacts into customers. And in the competitive world of internet marketing, you must leverage every potential channel that provides you the ability to gain new customers. However, not every online business has the resources and the people to build an email list. In this case, you can opt to buy email list. The most important thing to remember is that the sooner you can build that list, the sooner you can get your business expansion going.

buy email list

buy email list

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing remains one of the most (if not the most) potent form of marketing on the internet. Email addresses are required in all facets of online activity. Whether you are marketing on Facebook or Twitter, your email address is required. And if you own an email address, you probably log-in to your account several times a day for new updates or emails. In fact, most people use their smartphones to stay connected all the time. Hence, checking emails even when on the go is now possible.

This alone is enough reason to consider buying email lists for sale, especially for small businesses online. Email is a more direct and personal means to communicate with your prospects. While most people might miss status updates on your Facebook page or Twitter timeline, they are most likely going to read it if the update is sent on their emails. This is not to say that you should forego social media marketing altogether, but this is no reason to neglect email marketing as well.

Several online marketing research studies evidence the fact that email marketing drives a lot of traffic to your website. Hence, this is another reason to consider email list purchase. Aside from an email being a personal tool to communicate, it is more purposeful. Provided that you have created the right email strategy, the people in your email list will be more receptive to the message you have delivered to them (rather than being addressed for a wide range of people).

If you buy email list, make sure that the list is targeted. This is important if you are operating within a specific niche or industry. If you are operating in the food industry, you want to communicate or market to foodies, restaurant owners, and chefs. You need to take this into consideration when you buy email address list online. There are also some services that provide you with random, untargeted email lists. However, these do not bring any benefit to your business. You might be able to send emails to thousands of contacts, but you’d only be lucky if one or two of them bother to read what you have to say.

Make your life easier and buy email list to build your prospects. If you are looking for a quality source of email list online, you can visit They offer a wide range of lists to suit your business needs. Hence, you can be on your way to growing your business while saving you time and valuable resources.

Which Online Accommodation Booking Software Should You Choose?

There are plenty of options out there when it comes to accommodation booking software. The decision on what best suits you and your business model will weigh heavily on the kind of system that you will eventually run away with. There are important areas that you should look when picking the software that will be most relevant for your business niche.

accommodation booking software

accommodation booking software

Remember that picking the wrong software has business costs. The booking software influences the number of bookings that you will get. If you are not using a cutting-edge accommodation booking engine and your competitor is using it, then you are throwing away your market share to them on a silver platter. With hundreds of options available in the market, some of them not too good, you need to take your time when choosing the right accommodation software for your needs.

Here are some key factors that should influence the type of accommodation booking engine that you will eventually opt for.

The Cost Model

What cost model is the booking software vendor using? Do they demand commissions per booking, set monthly fee or a one of payment with ongoing low cost support? Remember you need to free yourself up to build the business after you have invested in the accommodation booking software. The last two options are usually preferable with the last option most preferable model.


Does your accommodation booking engine offer you plenty of opportunities for distribution through other retail channels or networks so that you can increase the opportunities for securing the bookings?


Look out for those bells and whistles that make for a fully functional online reservations system. In the modern booking age, personalization and sales integration features are highly desirable.

Channel Management

If you are a small online retailer, you would want a turnkey online accommodation booking option with automation that will automatically update your key travel portals with relevant information including the latest pricing. With efficient channel management, price management will be quite easy, particularly with the travel agents that are plugged into your system.

Ease of Use

You love systems that are intuitive and very easy to use. Your customers do too. Go for the accommodation booking systems that add simplicity not complexity. The customer experience during the booking process is very vital to their eventual conversion. If a customer has a bad experience with your booking engine, they will bolt off as soon as possible and book their accommodation elsewhere.

Thus, it is important to maximize on those visits – so your prospects can book on your platform. If you are planning to run online accommodation booking concern in Australia, then a reliable accommodation booking software that you can use is Netbookings. It has many of the features outlined above and is already widely in use in the rentals business.

Companies use Netbookings to book rentals for bed and breakfast accommodation, farmstays, caravans, camping parks, hostels, holiday rentals, villas, and small self-contained hotels amongst others. It guarantees a great customer service and support and incredible real-time features. You can evaluate the features of this booking accommodation system at